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nanoproofed® protection Solar Photokat


Our product "nanoproofed® protection Solar Photokat" achieved the following effects: 1. PV higher yield on average of up to 7.5% 2. The current production starts earlier and ends later in the day 3. Little to no ice and snow formation on the modules 4. protection against scratches through sand, etc., prolonged preservation of expensive modules 5. Anti-reflective, that is, Antireflection coating of the modules After coating, the product keeps at least 15 years! When investing time from 1.8 to 2.2 years! The strength on average 7.5% increase in output and in the forefront even up to 12.5% ??is achieved through an increase in transmission and reflection reduction, and additionally through a so-called self-cleaning effect through photocatalysis. We ensure that the electricity production starts earlier and ends later on the day, by reducing the performance-reducing effects. This may, inter alia, occur by frost, water droplets, absetzender fog, dirt, etc. which act like a mirror.

Savings over conventional technologies:

Meanwhile, we have approvals of coating by various module manufacturers, we assume again the producer responsibility of the modules have been coated about 28 MW enhance performance, work in coating projects with relevant international and national project developers and manufacturers. With little effort, can be made for a value preservation of the modules and the coating is also economical with annoying and expensive purifications with improved performance. The operation of the coating was also demonstrated by the innovative CELLO-measuring method of the University of Kiel in the Faculty of Engineering. This unique patented method is considered the most precise and effective method for measuring solar and PV cells because it measures each area of ??the module and so profitable and unprofitable sites reveals. Finally, see the file "magazine Photovoltaik.pdf" PV Magazine edition July 2015 with the technology report containing information about the application and resulting effects.