Aufdach-PV-Anlage "La Lavandière" Enlarge

Aufdach-PV-Anlage "La Lavandière"

© GIZ / Ismaël Diallo

La Lavandière is an ultra-modern central laundry of the Kledu group's network of 9 dry cleaners located in the heart of the Bamako district in the Fleuve district. It opened in March 2021. The Kledu group is one of the large companies in Mali with several areas of activity. La Lavandière has around 50 permanent employees. It is connected to the grid and has an emergency generator.

The solar installations were carried out by TYSILIO Deutschland GmbH in collaboration with its local partner MECATEC. The solar system was supplied with a turnkey contract (EPC) with a 1-year contractual warranty. A technical sizing of the second phase of the project for the storage part with battery is planned after the charging curve has been recorded for a few months for better system performance.

Support of the German Energy Solutions Initiative

The Project Development Programme (PDP) of German Energy Solutions Initiative identified the local company and actively built awareness for a solar solution to reduce costs and lower its impact on the climate. A feasibility study was carried out to determine the optimal capacity and to define the budget as well as the estimated time of return on investment after collecting the data on the electrical and financial aspects.

After the positive result of the technical and financial evaluation of the project and with a corresponding mandate of La Lavandière, PDP put them in contact with German companies specializing in the supply of photovoltaic solar solutions for C&I clients for. La Lavandière subsequently was convinced to work with a German provider thanks to proven quality in the global market.

System Data

Installed capacity:195.4 kWp
Location:Bamako, Mali
Client:Laundry "Lavandière"
In operation sinceJune 2021
German business partner:TYSILIO GmbH
Type:Roof-top solar PV
Yield:Up to 351 720 kWh per year
Saved CO2 emissions: Up to 654 tonnes per year
Number of solar panels:528 of 370 Wp
Number of inverters: 2 of 70A