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The performance of complex PV-systems or water pumps can be affected by even minor problems in system operation that usually go unnoticed. For plant operators, identifying the exact source of the fault and rectifying it is often a considerable challenge. Particularly in remote regions, it takes a good deal of work to return plants to full function in the event of a malfunction. Remote monitoring enables operators to monitor the functionality of their equipment around the clock and optimise operating results. In addition to troubleshooting, increased output from plant systems, shorter maintenance sessions and increased system lifetimes are further enormous advantages that result from real-time data collection at a distance. The Karlsruhe-based start-up EcoPhi Renewables Engineering GmbH (EcoPhi) has developed and manufactured its own monitoring boxes and set up a cloud platform for this purpose, which have now been launched on the Kenyan market. With just a few clicks, your customers can gain a deep insight into the operation of their plant technology.

Monitoring by the EcoPhi boxes can be precisely adapted to each specific customer’s equipment. With the addition of further sensor technology, the monitoring system can thus be individually designed for (PV) power generation, water pumping or cooling systems, or even for steam-operated high-temperature systems. The collected data is sent via the internet or the GSM network to EcoPhi’s cloud platform, where it is collected, processed and displayed in a user-friendly way. This means that, even if a system that needs monitoring is particularly complex, or located in a remote rural region, these factors no longer stand in the operators’ way – they can retrieve current, real-time data any time and check the performance of the plant compared to desired operating results. EcoPhi thus offers its customers the opportunity to operate their plant systems more efficiently and sustainably. Most importantly, these user-friendly systems are also easy to connect to existing installations – you simply plug and play.

The start-up is now bringing these advantages to the rapidly growing Kenyan market, for both large solar parks and water systems. Together with the RES programme, EcoPhi has carried out targeted marketing activities to incorporate their technology into various plant projects. Visits for sales and market research, as well as a stand at the Solar Africa exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya, have led to a lasting foundation for the company in the new market. Thanks to targeted media relations work, as well as networking activities with associations and institutions, the RES programme has been able to introduce the monitoring boxes and their numerous benefits to relevant stakeholders.

On 11 November 2022, EcoPhi’s market launch was celebrated at the inauguration ceremony for Kenya’s RES project. The technology as well as the achievements of the German start-up were presented. The company has already been able to equip various customers for PV, water and steam applications as well as cooling systems. Representatives of the German Embassy, the AHK Kenya, the German Energy Agency (dena) and existing customers were guests at the inauguration ceremony, and gave welcome addresses. EcoPhi gave presentations detailing the technological opportunities for Kenyan plant operators. Local institutions and associations were also present to learn more about the advantages of EcoPhi’s technology.

With the RES programme, the German Energy Solutions Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK) supports German companies in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors enter new markets. Within the framework of the programme, reference plants are installed and marketed with the support of the German Energy Agency (dena). Information and training activities help ensure a sustainable market entry and demonstrate the quality of climate-friendly technologies made in Germany.