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Industrial stringer at Fraunhofer ISE: manufacturing highly efficient solar modules by applying an electrically conductive adhesive on shingle cells

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The “PV-BAT400” research project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), aims to make solar modules even more efficient. Ultimately, bifacial silicon solar cells are to demonstrate that a power density of 240 W/ can be achieved on the surface of a module of at least one square metre. Converted to current module sizes of approx. 1.67 , but this would mean that 400 W per module could be achieved ‒ approx. 100 W or 33% more than the most powerful monofacial modules available in this size today.

In order to obtain these peak values, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is seeking to achieve maximum efficiency in all relevant module areas. In addition to excellent surface passivation of the individual cells, optimum use is to be made, in particular, of the module surface. For this reason, shingle cells are used in the modules. An innovative bonding process was developed to ensure that the highly efficient shingle cells, which cannot be soldered by conventional means, are reliably fixed and connected. In the screen printing process, the lead-free, electrically conductive and stretchable adhesive is applied by the stringer, and the cell strip is connected. Employing shingle technology ensures that there are no gaps between the cells and that the entire surface of the module can be used to the maximum for power generation.

Due to the narrow cell strips, these modules can be produced in various formats ‒ and thus used for a number of specialised applications.

Solar energy will also be the topic of some upcoming trade missions to various countries within the German Energy Solutions Initiative. Interested local companies will have the opportunity to meet German companies and get to know more about their products and services in the field of solar energy during an one-day conference or in individual B2B-talks. To participate please contact the local German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.